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Rome Haute Couture SS 2018, Anton Giulio Grande

Atmospheres of the 900s and  influence of the 20s for Anton Giulio Grande who returns to Haute Couture with a performance of 16 outfits which reflect his  manner for excess and glitz. Enormous boas and ostrich fans shaded in gaudy colors, main theme of the collection, together with incredible feather headdresses and chains of scenic effect, make deliberately exaggerated and opulent dresses which prefer colors that range from brick red to bronze, from fuchsia to plum from bright red to black. It’s a fascinating movement of pleated fabrics, of silk fringes, of crystal sparkles, for extravagant and unpredictable creatures that Anton Giulio Grande transforms softly into refined feminine images. The embroidered “trikini” inspired by Josephine Baker, has skirts created with grouse natural feathers, in the natural shades of the woods, the monoshoulder dress Charleston style, created in variations of green, follows the movement of the long overlapping fringes. The waist is lightly designed or slightly hinted, the lines are soft. The embroidered lace bustiers, decorated with “jais” fringes, are worn with georgette shawls inlaid with lace over large skirts with “soleil plating”, drawn by geometric designs. 

The edges are always enriched with lace and embroidery. Accessories are no longer a detail, but become as important as the dress: covershoulders, vests, gorgieres and eccentric hats of feathers in thousands of colors or ostrich boas and fans which range from fuchsia pink to emerald. Everything must be eccentric, exaggerated, with no limits which transforms everything in seduction. Red is bright for the lace bodices made more precious by hundreds of lines of purls mounted as necklaces, for feathered skirts and headgears, black is sparkling for rich silk  overlapped fringe trousers to wear with elasticized corsets with lace inlays and “jais” fringes. Sensations and fragrances of the times of D'Annunzio which bring us to the first decades of the 900s, which mix ancient and modern seductions combining eroticism and mystery in the red hall dedicated to the most refined sensuality, where a dress has the role of exalting body shapes, with deep necklines and bare backs. Lingerie dresses are hidden under dressing gown coats, closed with braided cords and tassel jewels, black dresses so light to be almost impalpable, are sewed assembling only laces, georgette and fringes in a refined effect of transparency and nudity.


Inspiration: Glamorous Twenties
Lenght: everything
Sizes: soft shapes
Colors: deep brown, bronze, fucsia, purple, red, black
Fabrics: feathers, plated fabrics, silk, lace


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