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Rome Haute Couture SS 2018, Roberta Bacarelli

"Louise", this is the title of the collection Haute Couture spring/summer 2018 that Roberta Bacarelli has dedicated to the unforgettable american actress Louise Brooks, a transgressive showgirl famous for her mischievous brunette bob, a hair cut that she launched in the 1920s and that from then has never set to be synonymous with rakish style.The refined 45 outfits that make up the collection, Roberta Bacarell has managed through androgynous silhouette to conjure up a way to be feminine esensuali absolutely timeless.

From androgynous silhouette in satin to organza woven decorations, clothes glide along the silhouette caressing sensually, suggesting and whispering without ever showing at all.The lengths they go through great nonchalance from short to long to show an ideal of fair woman and aware of all the expressive power of her own body.Coats eggshape-cut alternate cocktail gown, babydoll chemise down to long dress from evening lit with wonderful embroideries. Regarding colours it is a triumphs of powder pink, nude, gold, grey, purple, liliac, tuquoise and greenThis collection is inspired by a legend like Louise Brooks but at the same time it has the will to became a myth itself, in a contemporary way, in the name of a fresh and sensual Haute Couture. 


Inspiration: Louise Brooks
Lenghts: no half measure, short or long
Sizes: slim for androgynous silhouette or impalpable fabrics for soft volumes
Colors: pink powder, bronze, gold, grey, purple, liliac, green, turquoise
Fabrics: satin, organza, feathers, lace, tulle, chiffon

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