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Rome Haute Couture SS 2018, Sabrina Persechino

Elektron “the amber road”

The spring/summer 18 collection travels through the “amber road”, once known as  Imperial route, the place where they used to extract  the stone that Ancient Greek called elektron, meaning “the shining, the brightening” considering it “the substance of sun”. This strange stone, transparent, combustible, very light, warm at touch, bright yellow, became the centre of interest not only for merchants and scientists, but also related to the world of art, poetry and literature.

Omero narrates that amber grains were on Penelope’s necklace, while Sofocle creates the “myth of Melagro” where pearls of amber were the tears poured by the sisters of Melagro for his death. And they again became pearls of amber, the tears of the Eliads, sisters of Fetonte, who ran on the banks of the Eridan river when the wagon fell. In 600 a.c Thales from Mileto discovered that amber had the property to electrify itself when rubbed. Electricity takes its name from the Greek name of the amber stone : Hλεκτρον,Elektron. The amber stone is the fossilization and solidification during time, of the resin emanated from the Araucariaceae and Pinales:  family of conifers that are characteristic from the forests of the Baltic area, where the “amber road” has its origins.

It’s translucid, the color variates from yellow, to reddish, dark brown til green. To these colors, from gold to reseda green and ultra violet and the arboreal shapes of the Araucariaceae and Pinales are the outfits of Sabrina Persechino inspired; linear and geometric, with a strong architectural sign as usual, yet of extreme elegance and sensuality. The black and the white, certain in the color palette. Always present in the collection, in the day outfits, the coats that  “makes the outfit” and substitute the dress ,  and the overalls, essentials but of  incisive impact, in addition to cocktail dresses and  grande soirée gowns.

Rigorous, of evident refinement and formal balance , the simplicity of composition is not a mere aesthetic matter, but also perceptive: rafia and silk for the white fabrics, silk web and metal for gold, silk piquet whose weft emulates the Baltic conifers for the reseda green, cady and leather for the ultra-violet, lasered organza for the black, enhance the garments in their tactile sensation. 


Inspiration: Amber road
Lenght: everthing
Sizes: slim to enhance feminine shapes creating original volumes
Colors: white, pearl grey, purple, bright green, burgundy, black
Fabrics:raffia, silk, piquet, cady, leather


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