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Rosantica, iconography of style and elegance


An accessory is often the protagonist of an outfit, because it can radically change the look.
The designers who choose the production of bags or jewels have no chance, they bring their own stylistic identity to the brand that can immediately stand out from others and be a signature of distinction and elegance.

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This is not at all a simple task, in fact it is not enough just to have "the passion", but often behind the production of a single accessory there is a deep search for style, materials, experimentation and much more.

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Michela Panero fully embodies all this. After a long experience with the most important fashion houses in Milan, her passion drives her to create her own line of jewelry and bags.

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The designer focuses her stylistic expression on a unique, timeless accessory and thanks to her ability to interpret a bag or a jewel as a true work of art, her accessories are an iconography of style and elegance in fashion.

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Precious are the details and shapes that enrich the bags of ROSANTICA, giving a new and extraordinary interpretation to a timeless accessory that reflects the personality of those who choose these beautiful and unique accessories of bags and jewelry.

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