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Salone del Mobile 2016, Marella Ferrera debuted in the world of design with "Trame Mediterranee" and “Viaggio in Sicilia”

Great success at the Salone del Mobile in Milan that saw, among the many actors in the show, even the talented Sicilian couturier Marella Ferrera which, for the occasion, with the collection "Trame Mediterranee”, debuted in the world of design directly through the front door. The prestige of the Salone del Mobile in Milan is indisputable and around the world is a benchmark for figuring out where the design is moving on.

Did not exist, so, best stage for this new adventure of this amazing sicilian designer that if everytime donates dreams with her clothes inspired by her sensual, powerful and visionary land, the same powerful passion infuses into the home design where everything has a mediterranean allure.

If the creations "Trame Mediterranee" offer a vision of mediterranean signs written on stone and designed for the sicilian company Lithea, for another company, Paola Lenti, the designer has created "Viaggio in Sicilia", with carpets and tables designed to close your eyes and touched to feel the emotion to be carried away by the tactile sensations that these creations give thanks to the materials used.

The design, especially the home design, for Marella Ferrera must give emotions, sensations, speak to the hearts of those who decide to buy a given just because, deep down, belongs to him.

Belongs to his lived, his culture or reminds him of something. Subconscious, emotion: as always Marella Ferrera exceeds the fences of the obvious and almost gives life to objects from the amazing mediterranean soul.

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