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SAMANTARUSSO, by 1932 a special history of Italian style

From Apulia to the United States and back. Successfully. Samanta Russo is the heir to a great italian fashion dynasty that from over 80 years creates fashion collections full of glamor, elegance and refinement.

The first "High Italian Quality Ladies' Russo Tailor/Fabric" was founded in 1932 by the sisters RUSSO, with the great-grandmother of the current stylist, Samanta Russo, emigrated from his native Apulia to the United States, in Ridgewood, New York at the beginning of the 20th century. So creative and true artist they meet high immediately liking of wealthy new torkers strongly women won by italian fashion.

The rest is history by returning to their native Puglia where in 1937 in Altamura, Bari, opened their first Atelier flagship stores and, as long as their generations now it's the time of Samanta Russo, young, talented and creative.

This young fashion designer carries on with great sense of style the prestigious name of her family maintaining high standards of craftsmanship and sartorial absolutely Made in Italy always belonging to the heritage and dna of this special fashion 

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