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SavageXFenty: the lingerie collection by Rihanna


A collection of lingerie characterized by exclusivity, that is designed for all women and, above all, to give everyone both sensuality and a pleasant feeling of comfort.

The collection is called SavageXFenty and officially marks the revenge of curvy women, endorsed by their champion, the pop star Rihanna who gives voice to those who still perceive having too much breasts, hips and sit as a discomfort.

For her, on the other hand, they must be a source of pride: it is our purpose and we must love it to love one another.

Suitable for all sizes, it is dedicated to safe and certain women to be beautiful thanks to an underwear that will make them feel absolutely unique and super feminine.

The models, among other things, are also very bold and between lace and transparencies there is nothing to spoil the choice. For sale worldwide, has a range of sizes ranging from XS to XXL and sales is going very well, a sign that the curvy spend in lingerie if you propose them the right product that should not hide presumed "defects" but enhance the beauty of the sorpo because for every Eve in this world there is an Adam who will love her exactly as she is.


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