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Schiaparelli, an Universe in Motion

A world in motion, an electric, eclectic, colorful haute couture, full of desire to impress and dominate all attention like new medium of expression. Surreal and symbolic mirror that captures the essence of these times so fleeting, fast, hyper,technologic just like the synthetic fabrics chosen from the fashion house of the legendary Elsa Schiaparelli, cutted in many little stripes and re-assembled in accessoires and, above all, as decoration of ultra-contemporary dresses, following the dynamic movements of a willowy body and chasing his dreams, goals and desires. Monochromatic or multicolor, these so originals fabrics and decorations are a symbol of a smart and daring femininity, always on the move.

High fashion playing with irony with the classic canons of haute couture, reinventing them intelligently, in the name of high craftsmanship, free to express itself to the top of its possibilities and according to its stylistic sensitivity.


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