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Semplicity and glam for a sincere wedding day

For anyone who is getting married in spring or summer the perfect wedding cake is decorated with flowers, possibly seasonal or matched with the bride's bouquet.

Cake designers love to enhance their sweet sculpture, which every guest does not see the hour of tasting and the bride and groom to cut together in one of the most romantic moments of the party, wth just onle or even with cascades of flowers, absolutely real. There is only an embarrassment of riches to round off this amazing day. The ultimate trend is proposing nude cake made without unless cover made by coloured sugar which is not ot eat because it's a simple decoration. So why don't go so far away from everything is unless? Naked cakes are perfect because they are sincere, true, pure and also the flowers on their top are in the same way. For a genuine and deep wedding please let0s bet on simplicity and on everything s real, like the real love.

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