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Sensuality comes through the cut and not through the skin


Octavio Pizarro creates luxury prêt-à-porter collections and surprising, unique and atypical couture dresses. Intertwining materials and techniques, Swarovski crystals are set in alpaca, muslin and silk become feathers, leather ... His inspired hands work the wools to form structured peliss.

Pizarro 2 9 20 2

Octavio plays on rough tones. "My color codes are black, white, gray ... And I am very attracted to strong and sharp colors: green, lemon yellow, carmine red, blue ..."

He mixes the oppositions between the softness of wool, silk and the structure of its constructions.

Pizarro 2 9 20 3

“I love to dress sensual women who have a strong personality, who feel beautiful, who love to be looked at, in short," una mujer salvaje ".

© Octavio Pizarro

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