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Sfer Ik: an ode to ecology, culture and art


This stunning Architecture Art piece is called Sfer Ik. The name under which is a multidisciplinary sustainable design space that hosts art exhibitions and visits, not only for the contemporary art it exhibits but for the wonder of its place.

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Sfer Ik comes from the ancient Greek, Μουσεῖον, and from the Latin, museum. This Architecture Art‘s name translates into its original acceptance as the temple of the muses and denotes a site that offers contemplation and inspiration instead of a structure designed for the accumulation of modern design objects, multidisciplinary space.

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The modern building, collected under an asymmetric dome that does not follow a very clear architectural pattern, is made only with three local materials, the wood, the vine, which is a climbing plant, and cement, always in curved forms. Immersed in the middle of the tropical area of ​​Tulum, Mexico, the museum/art gallery is a compendium of contemporary art and living nature.

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Roth Architects has encouraged a constant dialogue with indigenous and contemporary communities to foster an exchange of ideas and knowledge. With this project, it promotes the preservation of local culture and the recovery of knowledge and values ​​of ancestral wisdom, to promote different forms of interaction and protection of the natural environment. It is mandatory to walk through the museum barefoot, to feel more about nature and the materials that surround us.

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Its organic and imaginative Architecture Art captures the quintessence of the abundant nature and rich spiritual heritage of the Yucatan Peninsula. The Sfer Ik Museion museum, in the Azulik hotel, is an ode to ecology, Mayan culture and healthy contemporary and Architecture Art in the middle of nature.

© Sfer Ik

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