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Shoemakers 4.0 to the rescue

One of the oldest professions in the world relives a second youth precisely in times of globalization that seem to oppose the bite of beauty in the name of an anonymous standardization.

It is the happy case of some shoemakers in Sardinia who, like a phoenix, are rising from their ashes.

They had given them to be passed off several times considering them as endangered craftsmen, but they resisted, studied, adjusted the offer and became 4.0. This is why the 92 Sardinian shoemakers are still on the market to grow and compete with "disposable".

In Sardinia, these artisan businesses are involved in the repair of footwear and many other activities related to the personalization, repair, creation, washing, sanification and "maintenance" of shoes, suitcases and small leather garments. Even the numbers give comfort to the category: every year, on average, a Sardinian family spends 370 euros for repairs and maintenance of these goods.

To remain competitive, we need a mix of continuous specialization and computer skills, essential to be able to "sell" to a wider audience. An important part of the work also concerns tailor-made footwear thanks to the help of technology, through the use of the Foot-scanner that helps to make shoes made to measure in a simpler and faster way and for any part of the world.

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