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Sì Intense by Giorgio Armani

Launched in 2016, Giorgio Armani’s “Si Rose Signature” is an ode to the modern woman, so busy and bold, yet at the same time always sophisticated. Now, here it comes a new version of this enchanting parfume. It's named “Sì Intense”, always with actress Cate Blanchett as face of this iconic scent with a new couture design showcasing the fragrance’s feminine and sensual side.

Created by perfumer Julie Massé, this eau de parfum stands out with its twin rose notes, May Rose and Damask Rose.

The parfume is embellished by a silky powder pink ribbon that winds around the fragrance’s onyx lid and falls down over the glass bottle, where its two ends cross. The ribbon evokes the décolleté of a haute couture gown, with delicate and refined style.

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