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Silvia Di Piazza, master carpets on demand

Being able to walk on their dreams ... this is the emotion that Silvia Di Piazza offers with its amazing creations absolutely unique in the world: wonderful customizable carpets at the exclusive request of the customer. On demand masterpieces that enchant with their magnetic savoir faire and artistic beauty. In his laboratory-atelier located in the heart of Carnia, in Comeglians, the designer produces unique and exclusive carpets, all one-of-a-kind, 100% Made in Italy, made one by one with the Hand Tufting technique using only yarns precious like the pure new wool of New Zealand. Thanks to this technique, Silvia Di Piazza creates custom rugs that are completely custom-made and designed by the client. There is really no limit to imagination and creativity and the designer is able to satisfy every request. In Atelier Il Bello and Ben Fatto are at home, as is the love for art.

These enchanting personalized and contemporary rugs, are becoming more and more imposed in a market in which those who buy do not just want to get hold of an object, but above all live an authentic emotional experience.

The carpet as a simple piece of furniture, a new form of contemporary art and for each customer the perfect way to express their feelings and furnish their spaces with something not only functional, but above all emotional.The soul of this 100% Made in Italy excellence is Silvia Di Piazza, eclectic and creative, cultured lover of experimentation tout court, which has managed to make a genuine Copernican revolution around the world of carpets. In fact, thanks to its brilliant idea, now the furnishings are like planets while the carpets are the Sun: everything revolves around their beauty and their beautiful design all that is around receives light and warmth.

After all, a carpet is just like a tailored suit: it must fit perfectly, therefore being haute couture, an absolutely unique piece of extraordinary value and refinement.

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