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So.Be, Italian knitwear to the nth degree

The color contrasts in garments that are authentic masterpieces of style are a must have for So.Be, a young brand made in Italy that has made creativity and experimentation its stylistic signature. His style office is regularly committed to launch collections that embrace the entire rainbow to translate it into perfect all day long garments. In Italy knitwear has a tradition strongly rooted in history and being able to finally say something new about something so important is not a few companies, but the creative team of So.Be has all the credentials to be able to calibrate news and emotion , mixing them in a decidedly bold and innovative way.

Thanks to the scouting of excellent raw materials, So.Be manages to create creations with a timeless allure, stylistically successful and visually appealing. They are precious, original garments, perfectly able to make each look unique and exclusive. The Made in Italy of this precious, fresh and contemporary knitwear expresses energy and passion. Everything is taken care of down to the smallest details for a look that is minimal in form and silhouette but certainly not for that chromatic kaleidoscope that makes them so special. A Made in Italy to the nth degree!


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