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Sotto l'ombrello delle meraviglie

Under the umbrella of wonders


A time of great fashion, today made of plastic and bamboo. Here are the most glam models


When the heat of summer gives no respite all of us look confident in the sky looking for some cloud that you can hope for if not in a beautiful storm at least a slight drizzle that for a while 'refresh the air and give us a break 'of coolness. Unfortunately, this is mostly vague optimism: the sky is blue and the sun beats faster, louder and louder, as if it were fun to beat every previous record. No umbrellas for the moment

Yet there was a time not so far in which each true lady who went out for walks in the summer always did not shelter with sunscreens but with umbrellas that were authentic masterpieces of craftsmanship, pure high fashion to bring tight inmano and match your dress.

These enchanting creations that progress intends to relegate to the basement of memories, would be really wonderful if they returned not only to come to life, because the most charming ladies still use them to move to the most pleasant and refined places in the world, but above all fashion so that can repair from the sun with great style and not with horrible plastic or bamboo umbrellas. Long live the silk, the lace, the organza and the magnificent embroideries, fringed decorations ... not only would the summer be, at least visually, more bearable if enlivened by this kaleidoscope of colors, but the whole world would perhaps be a place more kind because true beauty makes man beautiful, as if by osmosis ...

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