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Ilian Rachov is an Artist and Fashion designer. He created amazing neoclassical works. Designed and revised the new logo of the Versace Fashion House as well as created for Versace and for Versace Home Collection six collections with baroque pattern designs used for prints on scarves, fabrics, clothes, cushions, lamps, ties and bed spreads used in the actual collections even now.

The works of Ilian Rachov will be exhibited at the Event "La Moda ospita L'Arte" created by "Il Grifone" at the trade and exhibition space in Rome, Via di Ripetta, from April 26th and for thirty days. The opening of the event will be introduced by the journalist Barbara Castellani.

Two special painting are among the works exhibited. The "Dionisio" with his strong classical impact made with Flemish technique, the artist gave to this painting a contemporary value by enriching him with tattoos. The "Amazzone" always realized with Flemish technique with the addition of 22 karats gold applications.

Some of the jackets created and worn by the Artist during worldly events will be shown in supplement to his artistic works such as paintings, icons and scarves. In addition, certain of the Ilian Rachov's Limited Edition Collections, which have been until now exclusively sold at Monte-Carlo, such as t-shirts and jeans can be purchased during the exhibition at Il Grifone.

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Ilian Rachov starts his artistic career in 1988 realizing copies of medieval orthodox icons and frescoes re-discovering ancient techniques of gilding methods and how to engrave after the golden backgrounds of the icons. Many of his icons and oil paintings are properties of Museums and churches all over the world. His personal elaboration of that kind of old techniques and his modern view of this very antique art helps him to develop an own personal and unmistakable style in the iconography field.

Maria Christina Rigano



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