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Stefano Pilati, icon of style and elegance


Random Identities, the first independent venture by Stefano Pilati, was Special Guest of Pitti Uomo 97. The collection which was unveiled for the first time by the designer in 2017, will be the protagonist of a special event in Florence on Thursday, January 9th.

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Stefano Pilati is a style icon of this century and a creative director. His experience in the luxury sector bridges the last three decades of contemporary fashion. He currently leads the role of chief creative officer developing his brand, Random Identities with a focus on the various aspects of entering and questioning the role of global fashion, in conversation with generations to come.

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First revealed in 2017, fashion designer Stefano Pilati’s newest project is Random Identities, a collection of ready-to-wear primed for our digitized era. Channeling the lessons of a dizzyingly comprehensive career across top fashion houses, among them Armani, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Pilati brings a unique expertise in design, tailoring, and silhouettes to bear in his contemporary work.

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The label’s menswear-oriented garments inhabit a strain of head-turning provocation that is nonetheless deftly controlled by monochromatic color choices and stark detailing. Inspired by the dress-style of Pilati himself, the label's categories strike a look that balances refined, rigid cuts with everyday wearability. 

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His work is positioning the label for mass exposure: Pilati’s industry insider connections have been parlayed towards producing exceptional quality, with a digital-first model that edges past the contemporary moment into the future of high-end fashion.

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Credit: Pitti Immagine Uomo

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