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Stephan Caras, the power of elegance and seduction

Stephan Caras is the iconic designer of the namesake fashion house in which he has bring together, in a unique, glamourous and refined style all the pieces of his Ego, scattered in all five continents. Stephan Caras has indeed brought worldwide the spark of his talent to light a fire that in memory of those who have admired his masterpieces on the catwalk it never turned off.

Devoted to the world of pret à coture in which he can express himself in a borderline way, between two universes between two worlds whose lips always near touch without ever reaching the fateful kiss, but feeding on each other the precious beauty of the existence of the other as a source of inexhaustible inspiration. Of course we are talking about of pret à porter and haute couture, two universes among them Carras, like a tightrope walker has stretched a rope to walk on in perfect balance, thanks his courage, audacity, determination and experience.

Born in Corinth, Greece, and educated in Melbourne, Australia where he studied fashion design and won the “Gown of the Year” award, he collaborated with extraordinary parisian fashion houses such as Guy Laroche and Hermes. Then, after founded his own fashion house, he has showed his fabolous fashion collections worldwide during very exclusive events in Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Osaka, Hong Kong, Athens, Cyprus, Toronto, Dusseldorf, sharing the stage with some of the most important name of the interntional fashion system such as Emanuel Ungaro, Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Zandra Rhohdes, Isaac Mizrahi and Donna Karan.

His fashion house headquarters in the heart of Toronto, in Canada where this talented fashion designer continues to breathe life  to memorable collections. Their keywords are absolute refinement, elegance and sensuality. Transparencies, overlays, asymmetries and precious embroideries of rare poetry make his style so unique and unmistakable.

His creations are very feminine: realized with precious fabrics and masterful sartorial tecniques, their enchanting beauty is legendary by now and all around the world the name Carras is synonym of glamour and charm. His attractive woman is impossible to forget thanks to dresses that are capable of giving her a whole new and bright light, enhancing her silhouette up to turn her into an authentic Muse, a romantic and seductive style icon.

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