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Stephane Rolland, a genius for all seasons

It's an inexplicable emotion to speak about Stephane Rolland for who works in the fashion field, for who lives it in first person and is deeply in love with those superficial surfaces for those ones who are really superficial. To talk about why a sudden dress can shake inside us a sense of primordial belonging its not easy to explain unless you can go back to the classical concept of love at first eyesight. We can fall in love with what can fulfil us, so that we can find in that dress that piece of the missing puzzle which seems like giving the real precise meaning to that  general ensamble picture which is in all of us. Love is a  search for ourselves. For some  is the final and true sense of existence, for others a beautiful journey to go for on parallel  railway trucks to look at the landscape,fearing that may be one day some cross roads will take them apart or in opposite directions. But this is life and this is the human way of living a passion.But passion is everywhere. Look at it now in the middle of spring time, lots of pollen fulfilling the air along the street like cascades of white flakes of fluff that make you think "love is in the air" and that trees,plants,flowers and the universe in that particular moment are all in love. But love, to love and falling in love it's all around us and when you step in front of Stephane Rolland collection also here love it's in the air", and it's not out of touch like the pollen.

Here you can touch and live this real passion and in front of this extraordinary architecture of this new Michelangelo, which made out of the Haute Couture his personal Renaissance with an extraordinary geocentric vision of the world and woman at the centre of this universe, we can lift up our white flag surrendering   to the unbeatable armada of this couturier which lives an eternal youth of pure beauty. We must admit: Rolland doesn't get better year by year and this is his magic;he is always perfect and every collection old or new is to confirm his insuperable geniality. 

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