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Stories of Fashion. Campari and style

Galleria Campari presents the exhibition "Storie di Moda. Campari and style ". The new exhibition project, open to the public until 9 March 2019, is dedicated to the exploration of one of the souls that make up the Campari universe: the profound relationship between the brand and the fashion world, understood as an expression of art and costume.

The exhibition shows the brand's ability to tell its story and tell its own story in over 150 years of history with a sophisticated approach, consistent over the decades and in step with the times. Moreover, the evocative and suggestive power of the image has always been Campari's main means of communication. A choice that, through the graphics, the signs, the spots, the relationship with the world of art and cinema, has made the brand unique. Davide Campari had the merit of being among the first Italian industrialists to understand the potential of advertising, starting a philosophy based on important synergies with the greatest artists and designers of his time.

Between aesthetic and meaning references, formal and chromatic combinations, the exhibition proposes, among others, original works conceived and realized for Campari by Fortunato Depero, Bruno Munari, Marcello Dudovich, Franz Marangolo, juxtaposed and integrated with the creations and sketches by the Foundation Gianfranco Ferré and sculpture dresses by the Roberto Capucci Foundation. The exhibition presents, through chronological short circuits, Belle Époque posters, sketches and dresses by Giorgio Armani, Campari advertising works in full Sixties style, a dress and accessories from the "Balmoda" line by Laura Biagiotti, homage to the futurist maestro Giacomo Balla; and again, the fashion by Raffaella Curiel, who in 1986 was inspired by Fortunato Depero's drawings for Campari and finally by vintage garments by great stylists on loan from A.N.G.E.L.O. Vintage Archive.


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