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"Styled for comfort", RTW Spring Summer 2022 Vivienne Westwood Collection


Comfort is the key word for the extraordinary collection of RTW SS2022 by Vivienne Westwood.

VW 5 10 21 2
VW 5 10 21 3

Icon of style and fashion in the world once again her clothes surprise for the accurate ability to give new life to garments perhaps in disuse.

VW 5 10 21 4
VW 5 10 21 5

Each dress changes its role to find space in a new dimension. Garish colors? Neutral colors? The important thing is to always be yourself and certainly, with this collection full of symbols and allusions, the character is not lacking!

VW 5 10 21 6
VW 5 10 21 7

There is no more room to give a name to a dress. The essentiality is to give them a new life in an absolutely unique, modern and stylish dimension.

VW 5 10 21 8

© Vivienne Westwood

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