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SUBLIME LIFE: the anti-age line with active oxygen of Beauty Life Cosmetics


The SUBLIME LIFE has the ability to reactivate skin structures, exfoliate naturally and non-aggressively and counteract the signs of aging. It also reduces stains and corrects imperfections typical of mature skin.

Hamellis water lotion enriched with ozonics is able to release nascent oxygen. In association with Vitamins E and A, it performs an important reintegrating action and is restored to the first skin layers. Promotes cell turnover giving the complexion a more uniform appearance. Price to the public € 25.

The ANTI-AGE SERUM is composed of an innovative patented system that mimics the human body's own mechanism of producing collagen. Hyaluronic acid also manages to soak the most superficial layers of the epidermis by retaining water for a long time and thus reducing the "felted" appearance of the skin. Price euro 39

SUBLIME LIFE is nourishing, moisturizing, smoothing and stimulating.

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