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Summer 2018, a touch of golden rose

Hair styling is a world that is always evolving. There is no time to stay behind a trend that already some other more authoritative voice in the industry or some celebrities that affects millions of fans and followers launches high fashion and is immediately mania.

On one thing they all seem to agree, at least in the book in which we write this post for you after careful research: the top color of summer 2018 will be the gold blonde with rosy shades. It well knows how much the blond is able to give light to the face, makes the most pronounced features even more harmonious and with the arrival of summer, thanks to the tanning, it is even more glamorous and sensual to show off. If then on the blond classic a good hair stylist manages to graft the golden shades that can make even more sparkling in the sun your hair you will really be a summer queen, provided however to dare, at least on the tips, like a delicate shatush, a touch pink, or rather rosé, sometimes imperceptible in the evening but that by day will give your wild hair loose in the wind a touch of class really original. Given the three colors maybe some of you will really fear that this is an exaggeration, but look at the gallery first and then get an idea. You are perfectly in time to give your look that extra gear that will make you feel beautiful and unique and to the devil the envy of those who can not change but just point out those who deny the banality in which they instead wallows drowning flat their feminity.

Be brave be cool! It is our advice that we build all those women who adore hopeful new faces to always feel different; for those who want to feel trendy or for those who hide within themselves the soul of a sweet and sensual fairy, just like that of fairy tales. The latter in particular will adore their hair enlightening them with crystals or crowns of splendid flowers, for a very special event or, why not ?, even for the day of their wedding in which the guests will hardly forget the daring romanticism of the bride.

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