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Summer 2018, nail art trends on the beach

Summer 2018, pastel and 'sugary' colors are popular on the beach, while in the city the focus is always on the classic red and short.

Summer is the best time of year to satisfy the desire to dare and experiment, focusing on prints, colors and shapes that are absolutely original and eccentric. While waiting for this mental freedom to affect the winter, let's look in detail at the beauty trends of this summer and, in particular, the nail art.

This is definitely the summer of pastel colors for the nails, in particular the light blue, the pink, the lilac and the sorbet shades, while to dare you will have a metallic glitter effect, also combining two colors. The white and bronze together for example are the most loved.

On the other hand, there is a different discourse, where the monocolour is preferred.

Speaking of manicure you can not leave out the chapter shape, For pastel tones, to avoid the "doll" effect and, above all, to give impetus even to not really tapered hands, better a classic almond shape or, at most, slightly rounded at the corners. Yet there are exceptions, as always because every trend is experienced personally by those who choose it. So those who live at the sea choose a more accentuated, slightly pointed length, while professionals, managers and in general career women always choose short, squared and strictly red nails.

The era of both fluorescent colors and floral and romantic decorations seems to have been replaced by optical designs and geometric shapes.

Finally, if you are still just tanned, choose very pigmented and intense colors like black, burgundy, blue over sea, forest green, because they also enhance the most diaphanous skins. Mengtre, if the skin is already more golden, green light to pastel colors, from water green to candy pink, or even changing and slightly shiny, because they create a beautiful contrast

Word of Alice Conventi, Nail Guru and founder of the beauty center Rigenesa di Comacchio, in the province of Ferrara, a true expert and cool hunting of the sector of which she is one of the undisputed queens.


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