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Sunlight Escape Collection

In a land where summer sun never sets, nights have the brightness of day.

Here, the pale sky meshes with snowy peaks, to offer a scintillating, ever-changing vision of light and color.

It is this mysterious landscape, with sunlight like nowhere else that has inspired the Maison Piaget to create Sunlight Escape, a High Jewellery collection of boundless freedom and delight.

With this collection, each sparkling sun-kissed stone, each touch of colour, each glint of light takes on an exceptional depth and intensity, just like the enchanting place that has inspired it.

Sunlight Escape captures this sensation of being beneath a star-studded sky lit up by surreal colors that blur our sense of reality. Moments are made radiant, and one revels in simply contemplating the magical passage of time. Jewels sparkle with a thousand fires, complementing the celestial sphere and illuminating the night.

Warming Lights, Exalting Sights, and Dancing Nights: these are the three brilliant facets of Sunlight Escape, a celebration of art and life itself.

Warming Lights, radiating through shapes and materials that capture and diffuse light, in pink, yellow gold and white diamonds.

Exalting Sights, giving pride of place to the truly spectacular, expressing the unique expertise of the Maison Piaget.

Dancing Nights, presenting a flurry of asymmetrical shapes caught up in dazzling, flowing motion.

In these three joyful, whirling, captivating facets, Sunlight Escape expresses itself freely, and with a sun-inspired spirit of love.

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