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Svad Dondi, luxury world and its aesthetic evolutions

Svad Dondi, almost 60 years of experience, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, love for elegance and quality. From a family laboratory founded by Anna and Alfredo Dondi to a great company that perfectly combines serial production and craftsmanship. From sponges to cushions, Svad Dondi production, thanks to the continuous infusion of new ideas, has evolved with the awareness that the future would have been in the textile furnishings, in the coordinated: voluptuous linen, dream quilts, warm duvets, couture and design for the contemporary home.

In the Svad Dondi collections the relentless effort is to always keep the attention on new trends, thanks to a formidable staff of designers, technicians and marketers; the company observes the world and its aesthetic evolutions, declining them into precious and perfect products. Great attention has always been reserved to the research of materials, of the highest quality and for the manufacture, a unique sartorial know-how.


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