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Sweet Home by Mabina Gioielli

Mabina Gioielli presents the Sweet Home collection, a potpourri of pretty silver 925 figures to combine with each other in a single little house, also in silver 925, with large transparent tempered glass windows, so as to be able to wear and show the characters and symbols that make up our personal story or that remind us of the most expensive things.

Within the opening little house, which acts as a pendant, different charms can be found in natural silver or pink, the first decorated with cubic zirconia, the second nude.

A star, a four-leaf clover, a kitten, a puppy, the symbol of infinity, a heart, a child, a child, a man and a woman.The charms, to collect and match according to what you want to tell, holding it on the chest, live together a cheerful and very personal Sweet Home.

The choice of the tone, for each individual charm, creates a sweet and elegant color contrast between the inhabitants of the house of Mabina Gioielli. In each house the "tenants" can be of one color or another. There are so many possibilities to combine them!

You can indulge yourself by composing the most imaginative Sweet Home: one with your own affections, one with auspicious symbols, one to keep an important memory on your heart.




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