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SYNC: an immersive installation to get in sync with nature, people and ourselves

DrawLight partner of the project GIVE A FOK-us by WHITE Milano  

WHITE Milano launches GIVE A FOK-us, a hub dedicated to sustainable innovation, under the artistic direction of Matteo Ward, cofounder and CEO of WRÅD and the creativity of DrawLight. The initiative will be staged in the Lounge of Tortona 27, from the 22nd to the 25th of February, and it aims to focus our attention on the most relevant and virtuous realities of Italian textiles, offering the tools to discover and implement a shared manifesto for sustainable development to the 27 thousand visitors expected.  

GIVE A FOK-us, developed in partnership with Confartigianato Imprese, is an experience in the universe of sustainability and in the framework of WHITE’s most extensive enhancement project. It is supported by MISE and ICE Agenzia, by Camera Italiana Buyer Moda - The Best Shops, which was launched also thanks to the partnership with DrawLight, Fashion Revolution, 1TrueID, the platform Fashion B.E.S.T. and some of the most innovative Italian textile organizations.  

At the center of this project is SYNC, an art installation created by DrawLight, the collective of artists that aims to stimulate people's greater self-awareness through art, technology, creativity and science. 

SYNC was created in a functional way to meet the objective of GIVE A FOK-us: to pay attention to the relationship between fashion and the environment; fashion and society and fashion and the individual. 
An immersive journey, developed in three spaces, where light-mapping technologies and audiovisual installations inspire the visitors to a greater awareness of their values, in SYNC with the surrounding world, with people and, ultimately, with their identity. 

«The extreme social context which we live in, brands promote an accelerated and fast-paced customer experience - explains Mick Odelli, founder of DrawLight - Driven by immediate and impulse buying, we get a feeling of satisfaction not just by the product itself, but by the very act of buying, which provokes in us a dopamine addiction, an end in itself, ephemeral and short-term. In order to stimulate an effective and lasting well-being, it is necessary to come to a stop. Slow down. Focus on the unfocused. Focus on our real needs and on the values that relate to the surrounding world and our identity».   

There’s only one mantra: GET IN SYNC... WITH NATURE, PEOPLE, OURSELVES. 

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