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TAF and Florentine hand embroidery, between luxury and tradition

Florence boasts a long tradition in the art of hand embroidery that is still carried out with love and care by the company TAF - Tovagliati Artistici Fiorentini - born 100 years ago, in 1919, by the famous family of craftsmen of the Cappellini-Chiti embroidery .

In the past, embroidery was reserved exclusively for men and nuns who worked in the silence and privacy of their convents.

In the eighteenth century, the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo decided to transform the convents of women into schools where young women could learn arts and crafts, including that of Florentine hand embroidery.

Since then, this knowledge has spread and has been handed down from generation to generation and, despite the times have changed and many ancient crafts are disappearing, in Florence the tradition of hand embroidery is still very much alive and TAF in particular continues to create very fine masterpieces, including household linen and the hand-embroidered person, fine fabrics and refined laces.

At the shop located in Por Santa Maria in Florence, you can admire, among others, a wide selection of embroidered tablecloths, sheets and hand-embroidered centerpieces available in various sizes., Also besposke, following every desire to personalize the cultured clientele international that has always found in TAF a free port for all that is Made in Florence exclusivity.

TAF has had the privilege to supply kits for the Royal Families of the whole world, consorts of great Italian and foreign heads of state, international movie stars as well as tablecloths for real embassies and banquets, embroidered with extreme care and mastery by expert embroiderers.

Next to the historical TAF shop, a wonderful store has been inaugurated with a great success, specializing in hand-made baptism and ceremony dresses, elegant hand-embroidered kits for babies, hand-embroidered dresses for girls from 0 to 12 years and gift items .

What a wonder to be a child thanks to TAF!

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