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Tarì Rural Design

Tell Italian style means being in touch with their cultural roots. The memory of a place suspended in time in perfect harmony with the values of a clever hard-working peasant heritage.

Despite the exuberance of patterns and colors, the underlying cultural amalgam reveals one unit and specific style.

The classicism of our models exudes the charm of materials such as ropes, leather and skins used over the centuries by the cowboys and muledrivers combined with the wax print, the "African" which, with its colorful tints tells the story of an industrialized West and colonialist and the African continent, so rich in resources and hope in tomorrow.

Symbol of traditional craftsmanship and handmade Italian icons, our products are essential for a refined style and distinctive details. It's like a special language that replaces the verbal communication, a treasure chest of our past and a guardian of our future cultural identity

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