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Temellini dog à porter

Not just pret a portèr, but also a dog to portèr, combining the fabrics chosen to dress her to those to dress even in winter even the puppy of the house, the beloved dog that this year is more stylish than thanks to the intuition of success of the designer Giovanna Temellini.

In Brera there is the first fashion boutique for women and their dog, conceived as an evolution and extension of the Temellini tailoring already founded by the eclectic designer who wanted to expand its range of customers by combining its great passions, that for fashion and for dogs in one solution. And it did so by launching a collection that in this cold winter has stolen because it is not only fun and original, but proposes for Fido a series of warm and refined looks that are definitely separated from the usual and a little 'cheap petswear. So here are many perfect outerwear to enhance the silhouette of a mistress who loves the ladylike lines that Fido can show off, a fine tailored garment, in many fabrics both important and sporty, iconic in style and perfect to protect themselves from the cold of this winter. Alpaca, bouclé wool, lurex ... there's really no way to be spoiled for choice.


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