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Tête de mort jewelry collection

Enigmatic as well as symbolic, the new Tête de mort jewelry collection imagined by Victoire de Castellane, Artistic Director of Dior Joaillerie, is a celebration of life and at the same time a treasure of savoir-faire. "Whatever you do, for work or pleasure, do it with passion! Live with passion ", wrote Christian Dior in his Little Dictionary of Fashion. This maxim that has guided the stylist throughout his career has inspired the three rings and the three necklaces in yellow, pink and white gold from the Tête de mort jewelery collection. These jewels reinterpret the Latin phrases "Memento Mori" and "Carpe Diem", two precepts that remind us that we need to take advantage of every moment. Each of the creations tells a precious story that does not reveal all its secrets at first glance. If you look carefully, it turns out that the yellow gold and amethyst model is decorated with a four-leaf clover in tsavorite garnets, a tribute to one of Christian Dior's lucky charm, while the one in white gold and blue chalcedony is adorned with a crown of lily of the valley, one flowers preferred by the designer, who had the habit of pinning a twig in the buttonhole or inserting it into the hem of her haute couture dresses. Hearts engraved on the back or imagined asymmetrically on the body of the jewel seem to beat faster than any other, like a joyful missive intended for its owner.  The stones were selected one by one by the Maison for their intense and naturally pastel color. Behind this choice of colors hides a new enigma, because every shade symbolizes a state of mind: the strength is characterized by the intense blue of the chalcedony, the tranquility from the powder pink of the quartz and the balance from the delicate violet of the amethyst. These games of associations between delicate colors and white, pink or yellow gold make up a surprising and unique collection.


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