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Textiles and related Experimental Technology

Surely textiles are part of ourselves and fundamental to our daily living, in fact they cover our bodies since birth.
Those materials are made out of many lines resembling a family tree and for once if we look through matter we should find a way to give it a meaning: by recreating,making it to become art,embroidery,colour,emotion,fantasy and feelings.
Did we ever stop...and give it a meaning?if textiles wouldn't exist, the world of fashion wouldn't be here now and it would not be that diversity that defines us; so textiles are like a dear companion which embrace us throughout our life.
Among all sorts of definitions given, one particularly catches my attention "Textile is style and the dress my thoughts".
Actually among many various types of textiles the High  Tech ones are the most glamorous and conquered the catwalks all over the globe:typology and ideology of criss cross fibres and super resistant materials, with self adjusting properties to different climates and with skills of functionality. We rediscover the unconditional values in super light ones, hydro repellent, thermo and self ironing ones which already entered in our conventional concept of living. Plus we have a huge selection in Eco leathers and velvety swede also Eco sustainable which in substitution can be very adaptable to all that field of skins and precious furs which we use to wear in the past. These new more practical textiles, more fascinating and intriguing in their exclusive sphere of trends and experimental technology,have  a dynamic itinerary and are in perpetual evolution in a world that changes rapidly.

Roxana Telli

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