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The 2020 collection by Elisabetta Delogu, a lady who outlines purity and sensitivity


The wedding dresses by Elisabetta Delogu's 2020 Collection allude and express a lady dressed in ivory, covered with light fabrics, light drapery and fragile decorations.

Elisabetta Delogu 22 06 19 2

Her Wedding Dress are covered more and more small folds, mimic soft armor, increasingly complex drapes, flowery pleats of infinitesimal details that become essential.

Coherent to the end in pursuing perfect aesthetics and quality, Elisabetta Delogu rides the pleasure of accepting her mania for details and for a beauty that outlines purity, delicacy and sensitivity.

Info contact:
Elisabetta Delogu

Press Office:
Alba Bacci
Pierluigi Bacci & Associati


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