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The 3 rules for ethical cosmetics

Great news in the beauty sector that is more and more attentive to respect for the environment and the skin of its customers, to be protected from toxic elements and fortune with the time eliminated in large part but not entirely.

Unversalmnete lemaison of beauty have drawn up the three golden rules to be respected to be beauty in the deep, not just superficially.

We must always prefer natural oils, even raw, and plant extracts to treat the skin; inquire about the origin of the ingredients of beauty products that must be organic; choose brands that use indigenous substances, typical and cultivated in an ethical manner, respecting the people who work in the entire production chain. These are the 3 rules for having a younger skin and buying beauty products in a conscious and ethical way.

Among the big news products conveyed with modern systems such as carriers or 'nano-technological' molecules and even developed taking into account the climate of the moment or based on the location in which it is located, then a cream for each climate and temperature. Because being beautiful is above all to love each other in harmony with the world around us.

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