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The amazing braided products of Manifattura di Domodossola


Always committed to the development of research and experimentation wide ranging, Manifattura di Domodossola is capable to provide its customers with high quality, up-to-date items. Production capacity is so high that now it is at the top in terms of worldwide production. Braided products of this extraordinary company are sold all over the world to be used in furnishings for yachts and private jets, prestigious stores and luxury hotels. Thanks to special looms, it can meet all its international customers’ needs, providing them with unique products. The tubular braids can be produced with different diameters and materials, highly effective in the customisation of handrails, handles and pillars. The vegetable-dye leather and copper articles are very highly prized. The main objectives include respect for the environment and consumer friendliness. This is achieved by using natural raw materials and completely non-toxic components. A splendid product, 100% Made in Italy. 

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