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The "Art Fashion" by Steven Tuwatanassy

The Tuwatanassy Haute Couture brand, of which the designer and founder is Steven Tuwatanassy, is what we can be called a true "Art Fashion".

His creations are born from the deep passion that this extraordinary designer has for art and how he likes to define: "My handmade bustiers are designs to wear, combining art with couture". 

Steven Tuwatanassy goes beyond the traditional atelier, in his studio in Amsterdam, he explores, researches, models experiment, until he reaches the perfection of his creations that can be defined as real works of art to wear.

His Couture invokes movement, wrapping the body in a gentle embrace that is not just a dress to wear but a true hymn to art in every single creation.

He captures with elegant boldness in a fusion of baroque, natural elements and oriental art.

As princesses rediscovered of a lost time, for Steven Tuwatanassy the woman is strong and warlike but in the softness of these exclusive collection that the designer creates, they express all their sweetness and fragility that make for women their most sublime amazing beauty.

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