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The artistic glamour of Mikhail Chamoun


Mikhail Chamoun is a young Lebanese designer who discovered his inspiration and his passion at a very early stage in his life.
During the Arab Fashion Week he presented his collection of 15 modern, bright and very sexy looks.

Mikhail Chamoun 20 10 19 2

For Mikhail Chamoun, creating a dress is not just about making a look, but respecting the body, shape and charm of every women.

Mikhail Chamoun 20 10 19 3

Every woman for him is a unique muse that inspires his entire art world from which his collections originate.

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About Mikhail Chamoun

Inspired by nature and the art that surrounds him, Mikhail Chamoun creates each collection regenerating his every artistic impulse and acclaiming the woman's body as a muse to be exalted in them shapes and grace.

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Every detail is realized with scrupulous attention and the research that he dedicates to all his collections, knows no limits for an insatiable desire to discover and experiment.

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For Mikhail Chamoun the body of a woman is like a white canvas on which to paint his work, transforming his artistic inspirations into timeless dresses, wrapping the woman's body with grace and sensuality.

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