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The beauty of the imperfect


Occhii is a New York-based line whose philosophy is rooted in appreciating the unique, the beauty of the imperfect, and using sustainability-oriented design practices.

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Founded by Leonid Batekhin and Ilona Davidoff, Occhii mainly uses recycled and defective fabrics from the Pavlov Posad shawl manufacture in Russia, labeled "industrial waste".
These shawls have imperfections, accidental pigment spots, misaligned prints and other defects that occurred during the standardized production process.

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Occhii proposes the shawls in unique garments, in which there are no two identical pieces. Each item is "One of One" and entirely hand cut in the Occhii Studio and finished in the Garment District of New York.

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Occhii's vision is oriented towards a tailor-made approach to the creation of garments, combined with the visual exploration of cut, fabric, color, in a unique and extraordinarily modern silhouette.

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