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The bright sculptures by Mariko Kusumoto

The Japanese artist Mariko Kusumoto focuses on the beauty of materials such as fibers, metals and resin. His works are exhibited in the permanent collections of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Flordia Japanese Gardens, the Kock Collection of the Swiss National Museum, the Murikami Museum and the Racine Art Museum.

In all his work, there is always the search for skill and craftsmanship.

The fabric is one of the most familiar materials of every day, says the artist. Although the word "fabric" seems simple enough, the range of different fabrics is wide, with unique characteristics that can extract a variety of sensations or emotions. Some fabrics involve the fresh feeling of moisture, others have a comforting softness; there are fabrics that invoke the mysterious or the ethereal; there are other fabrics that inspire tranquility;

Mariko Kusumoto is a multifaceted artist with an unmistakable style that realizes micro or macro sculptures in synthetic fabric or other material. His works also used in the field of fashion by important internationally renowned designers give a sense of intelligent experimentation.
In each of his works are hidden many small secrets.

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