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The collections of Kurt Artinger

Kurt Artinger is a jeweler of the third generation, dreamer and entrepreneur. The Jewels Allurigem born to offer a'experience of engagement ring only, from creation to realization. The engagement is one of the moment the most important in the life of every woman and the engagement ring is the symbol of love, the importance of this jewel so special means love forever, every time that you look at the ring you remember the special moment in which you have received, in short a jewel that speaks to the soul of the people.

The collections of Kurt Artinger initial have interchangeable directly inserted in the support of the ring. Engagement rings beautiful and unique that are totally customizable. These jewels are an extraordinary experience in the most important moment of our life.

Customers who rely on this brand have the opportunity to build their imagination thanks to a team of experts who manages to create an engagement ring ideal unique and special. An important partnership with Cam Ring has allowed the development of the first box of video digital ring designed to capture the moment in which make the marriage proposal.

In a page of the official web site of Allurigem are published video files of customers who wanted to choose the ring with the initials, an original idea to become witnesses and to be able to share with friends and family the unforgettable moment of engagement.

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