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The color philosophy of MissoniHome


The preference for the Missoni name, in the world spotlight both as a fashion and lifestyle message, is also a 'family' issue. In fact Rosita, born Jelmini, is the sister of Alberto and Giampiero, at the helm of T&J Vestor with her Torrani cousins.

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The growing success of the MissoniHome brand has led over the years to increase and enrich the evolution of the offer. To the precious printed, embroidered and jacquard fabrics, shapes and solutions have been added for indoor and outdoor furnishing, for the décor of the house and the spaces that surround it.

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MH ROSITA CASA, one of Rosita's great passions. Choices and lifestyles behind the MissoniHome project that has changed over the years, trespassing from textiles to furnishings. With the spirit of a constantly evolving building. In Rosita's creative idea, in fact, "... the house is alive, it always moves, it is never finished ...".

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And his color philosophy, his personal vision of furniture, are expressed in this brand. Unusual and fascinating fabrics; innovative and linear forms for sophisticated contexts; the taste of art but lightly; significant elements with an apparent simplicity and easy to insert in existing areas, to add liveliness and color.

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Shapes to separate and to unite, to be moved easily even in the indoor-outdoor game and that allow you to bring the magical atmosphere of the gardens into your home. “To furnish in my way is to create an organized, informal, versatile and welcoming habitat. My home is always available for passage and meetings, the coming and going of the family, the unexpected arrival of friends and acquaintances.

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And it must arouse emotion and curiosity, turn into an oasis of colors and moods, a comfortable shell littered with pleasant and unusual elements, to be built with formulas free of patterns ... " 


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