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The couture side of every woman


The beauty division of the Givenchy maison, always faithful to its legacy and inspired by its audacity, dispenses a free and modern vision of elegance, which we could summarize with these words: fearless classic.

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Since the birth of the maison, Hubert de Givenchy has challenged conventions, creating models that combine timelessness and creativity, mixing classic and avant-garde styles.
This mood has also been transported to beauty, where Nicolas Degennes, artistic makeup and color director of Givenchy, has surprised women since 1999 by placing innovation at the service of the imagination.

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Bold colors, innovative textures, unusual gestures ... drawing inspiration from a rich and eclectic universe, Nicolas Degennes upsets the preconceptions of makeup season after season.

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His creations reflect the fashion of the maison through the luxury of the packs, the refinement of the formulas, the splendor of the colors, as well as the unequivocal style, always couture.

The mind is seduced. The senses are stimulated ...

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According to Nicolas Degennes, Givenchy makeup arouses an emotion, a shiver, it becomes the revealer of the couture side of every woman: the facet of personality where elegance, freedom and boldness meet.

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