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The design and luxury of MØY


MØY Atelier is a British luxury brand specializing in sunglasses.
Launched in September 2017 in collaboration with Harvey Nichols, the brand has conquered the market thanks to their design and their marked quality in the creation of eyewear.

Moy Atelier 28 7 19 2
Photo by Anne Lise Arnesen

Materials from France and Italy are shipped to Japan to make glasses frame. Here a team of master craftsmen makes every single pair of eyewear by hand, which is then plated with steel or 18karati gold.

Moy Atelier 28 7 19 3

Important VVIPs have already noticed the brand by choosing their models like Kate Moss, Rita Ora and Harry Styles.

Moy Atelier 28 7 19 4

MØY in Norwegian means "a young woman open to new ideas" and this brand perfectly embodies the spirit of the word by creating unisex sunglasses with a luxurious and modern design and with the scrupulous choice of materials used.

Moy Atelier 28 7 19 5

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