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The dreamlike universe of Dàvorin Cordone

Visionary and eclectic talent, Dàvorin Cordone is one of the brightest stars in Italian Haute Couture. He’ sure one of the most remarkable exponent of the new wave of young talents who have taken over the reins of the Great Tradition with determination and determination.

This Sicilian couturier leaves its mark thanks to a powerfully theatrical and dramatic aesthetics that is imposed with sumptuous and evocative creations.

His femme fatale has a gothic allure that seduces and enchants with its sophisticated elegance. Hyperbolic volumes are combined with seductive plays of transparency for dreamlike creations that envelop the feminine silhouette with mystery, giving us back the portrait of a muse with a tormented soul.

Authentic poet of the fantastic, with his aesthetic devoted to the experimentation of shapes and styles, Cordone manages to transform the catwalk into a theater of wonders, mixing art and fashion with great audacity.

The result is a high fashion rich in symbolism and cultured quotations, absolutely spectacular in its attempt to give new form to the abstract concepts of sublime and fantastic, projecting them into a three-dimensional dimension whose epicenter is a masterly and impeccable tailoring.

In fact an incredible savoir faire is the solid pillar of the fashion house Dàvorin Cordone that in its refined atelier offers high fashion garments of considerable technical ingenuity, made of precious fabrics and treated to the smallest details with great attention and technical sensitivity.


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