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The dress of Tonena for the mother of the bride is becoming a viral phenomenon in social media

This evening dress is becoming a viral phenomenon in social media in recent days that have shared repeatedly.

Launched by the atelier Tonena bride, with headquarters in Bulgaria, the design is audacious, if you think that it is designed for dressing the mother of the bride!

Perhaps the combination of fabric and this silhouette so sexy have captured the attention of many people.

This dress is hand-made and it is inspired by the movement in the Boho style, one of the most surprising for the realization of the dress is the fact that it is embellished by ostrich feathers, lace french, italian silks and refined design.

The designer Hadzhieva Novkov born as brand bride, has become one of the designers of the most successful in Bulgaria.

She works from beyond 28 years in the field of fashion bridal and each her dress is made with great passion; the slogan of the atelier is: "dress your dreams" and it seems to be that with her latest creation crown dreams not only most of the bride, but also of the mother of the bride!!!


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