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The ecological luxury of Spell Shuffle Modular Line

Spell is a brand of Dutch design of interior design, a style of life, introduces innovative collections of furniture with accessories and modern articles for environments to domestic use and of workplace.

The collection is proudly produced in  Netherlands using the best components and resources in combination with the Dutch craftsmanship.

In the respect of the environment, all the products are realized with trials and certified materials according to standard elevated.

Insofar all the furniture are sustainable in the construction and facts to last.

Positioned as before line of solutions for soft sessions, the collection it understands various pieces that can be personalized or modified for satisfying the different demands or preferences of the consumers. The clients can choose between different fabrics and woods to satisfy their space of life or workplace.

Spell Shuffle Modular Line is destined to become a must-have for the consumers that look for a way to comfortably furnish their professional or personal space allowing the same time to change the things in base to their demands.

A simple line but with a high design that allows, in the respect of the environment, not to abdicate to the luxury, to the design and the most total comfort for the environments in which we live.

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