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The elegance of Svevo, luxury italian knitwear

The SVEVO brand, born in Bari at the end of 1800, owes everything to the genius of Nicola Somma and his intuition to make knitwear as versatile and elegant as possible, combining innovation and tradition in the name of Italian good taste. The classic and delicate manual steps, hand embroidery, knitting with whimsical points and bright colors are today like yesterday the stylistic signature of this wonderful Made in Italy brand whose name is a tribute to the famous Norman-Swabian castle of Bari The company focuses on authenticity and quality, focusing on the production of knitwear of the highest quality, made by the expert hands of local artisans.

Today Svevo lends its know-how to the biggest names in international luxury and is a pride and joy for Italy which has always managed with ingenuity and creativity to launch products that are absolutely top of the range on the market. The natural thread is sifted and refined to obtain maximum delicacy and lightness. Then each ball is stored in a humidifying container-cabinet, where the natural fiber rests for about three days, acquiring further elasticity and ductility.


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