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The Essence of Everything


Revolutionary, outside any scheme, ARJE' a luxury brand capable of breaking the traditional fashion patterns.

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Launched in 2016, this brand has already conquered buyers from all over the world, not only because of its essential line, but also because their collections are stories in continuous evolution, connected to each other.

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The collections are defined as "Chapters" that identify the design philosophy of the brand according to which everything is connected, from season to season and from year to year, each Chapter is part of a story.

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Each new Chapter is presented 3 times a year, rather than, as is traditionally twice a year and is placed on the market 2 weeks after its presentation.
This brand reflects the needs of consumers by offering them outfits, for her and for him, made of a timeless style.

The brand's key word is: "The Essence of Everything".

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ARJE' is not just a luxury brand, but it is a choice, a philosophy of life that reflects the atmosphere of our day by offering their customers "essential" outfit made of luxury, research and style.

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